Our Team at Work

Luke Dean, Hsiang-Yu Wu, professor Mike Beaudet and Sophie Cannon record an interview at Oinofyta refugee camp.

Hsiang-Yu Wu records an interview at Oinofyta refugee camp.

Luke Dean filming at Oinofyta refugee camp.

Paxtyn Merten, professor Carlene Hempel and Olivia Arnold at Elpida Home, a center for refugees, in Thessaloniki.


Olivia Arnold interviewing the president of the Muslim Association of Greece about plans to build Athens’ first public mosque.

Cody Mello-Klein plays a virtual reality game at the GROW games expo in Athens.

Paxytn Merten interviews an Iraqi refugee in Athens as Sydne Mass takes his portrait.

Alexa LaVersa films Bradley Fargo atop the Acropolis in Athens.

Isabelle Hahn interviewing an employee of Documenta, a series of art exhibitions in Athens.

Isaac Feldberg interviews Anna Stamou, the marketing director of the Muslim Association of Greece, in her home in the Athens suburb of Ilioupoli.

Brandon Carusillo reporting in the hometown of NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Asia London Palomba interviews a modern globe and map craftsman in Athens.

Isabelle Hahn interviews a student at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki.

Teaching assistant Danny Mortimer interviews an administrator at Elpida Home in Thessaloniki.

Sophie Cannon interviews a custom sandal maker in Athens.

Sydne Mass photographs refugee children at Softex camp in Thessaloniki.

Gwen Schanker and Paxtyn Merten interview a translator at Softex camp in Thessaloniki.

Bridget Peery shows a photograph to Syrian refugee twins at their apartment in Thessaloniki.

Suma Hussien shooting video at protests on May 17.

Bradley Fargo talking with a protestor on May 17.

Alexa LaVersa working alongside beekeepers.

Ellie Williams filming a standup at the May 17 protests.

David Harbeck reporting during protests on May 17.

Cody Mello-Klein interviewing a classical guitar maker.

Olivia Arnold interviewing economics professor Maria Bozoudi for a story on Greece’s “brain drain.”

Gwen Schanker setting up to film a guitar player.

Suma Hussien, Ellie Williams and Olivia Arnold interview a Syrian refugee who cooks for refugee school children on the island of Chios.